Something About Us


{Kristian} by Maureen


{Maureen} by Kristian

Kristian sees his life in cartoon form. He can find humor in life where others normally wouldn’t. He is kind, sensitive, & understanding & compassionate of countless things. He is an amazing listener.

Kristian is constantly looking to experience life through his senses & is never satisfied with “going through the motions”. He questions everything.

He is a good eater.

He will eat anything you put in front of him.

Kristian always repays meals eaten by cleaning up messes from counter-tops, pans, plates, ceilings, walls, the cat, or anything else that happens to get in the way of meal preparation.

He can fold a fitted sheet.

He’s tolerant of quirks, insecurities, & pitfalls, always giving people the benefit of the doubt. Kristian is a nerd. He’s got a strong family sense & is always ready to help out someone in need, & will always show up with iced coffee (or bottle of wine) in hand.

While he is an IT guy, he is also an artist, Uncle, webmaster, author, Brother, a Mr. Fix-it, a son, nephew, cousin, a care taker, a good hugger, & an absolutely amazing friend.


Maureen is a selfless bundle of compassion, love, humor, creativity, & beauty.

Maureen comforts & challenges me.

Maureen expands my understanding of life, love, & happiness.

Maureen tolerates the never-ending rants & ramblings. The goofy daydreams & the odd odors. The silliness & the ridiculousness.

Maureen feeds me, feeds me well.

Maureen is my sunshine.




[Seriously, the most delicious food I’ve ever had.]

{How we met} by Kristian

Kristian & Maureen were destined to be together.  Fate chose a local community college (NCC) as the setting for their first encounter.  Little did Kristian know when he was chosen to be the newest IT tech, that Maureen had also been selected to work for Student Activities on the very same day. DUN DUN DUN

Months passed since the hiring date, but all it took was a single malfunctioning computer to bring the two together for the first time.  Several happy hours, lunches, & secret guitar hero battles with mutual friends brought the two closer.  An audible click was heard (but only around the New England region)

A festival celebrating oysters or some such nonsense was considered by all legal experts to be the ‘First Date’ of said couple.  Two goldfish were won by the masculine Kristian in a fierce battle involving ping-pong balls & fishbowls.  Maureen swooned.  (At least that’s how the history books will read.)

The following day a small fishbowl with an embossed heart was his reward.  For the next 4 years, Kristian would keep that fishbowl hidden away until the appropriate time.  (The fish died long ago)

A Few Pictures