The Big Question


When it happened

Saturday, May 7, 2011

How we got engaged

Kristian buried a fishbowl
in Maureen’s garden.

The End.

Fine… if you must know more: The fishbowl (from the epic ‘First Date’ story) was strategically buried within Maureen’s backyard garden. It contained a treasure box, which was protecting the most important treasure of all, A DIAMOND RING.

The blissfully unaware Maureen was carefully guided to tend the soil atop the buried treasure. Several tense minutes passed before she finally discovered (stepped on) the fishbowl. Reeling at what she believed had to be a body, a murder weapon, or someone’s pet, she leapt aside & demanded Kristian uncover it. So he did, & proceeded to demand her hand in marriage.
He got it.